Friday, August 13, 2010

Beer Update

Summer's wrapping up so I was looking for something to brew for the Fall. Choosing not be obvious - yes, yes, an Octoberfest and what I should be thinking about - I chose, instead, an India Pale Ale:

Haven't I already brewed and India Pale Ale? Why, yes, yes, I have. But this India Pale Ale is different! Different kit, an extra shot of maltodextrin per the beer supply shop guy's recommendation for some extra oomph, and dry hopping - adding hops a few days before bottling. So it's not quite the same. Yet it is. Bottom line: it'll do you just fine if you're stationed in the hot, outer fringes of the British Empire. Which is about how Oklahoma feels during the late summer.

Still time to brew up another batch of something appropriate for Fall. I'll likely go with the obvious - if you're looking for surprises, you've come to the wrong place - but we'll see.

Oh, and I notice it's been almost exactly a year since I've taken up this hobby. It's been neither a long nor a strange trip but it's been fun and that's why I started doing this in the first place.


  1. I've been enjoying some CA-made kölsch-style beer which I always though was more ale than lager. At least the yeast (hey the rhymes) works similarly and it's brewed at room temperature.

  2. Quite a poet you are, Mr. Bruce.

    Kolsch-style sounds interesting. Thanks for the link. My brew shop carries a kit. Might make a good choice for next Spring or Summer.