Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School, 2010

Like last year, this post'll mark the occasion of the first day of school only this time it's the first day of school for Emily alone. Not a lot to add other than to say things are the same yet different. No first-day for Rachel - she graduated and her plans won't take her to college - and Emily had a friend over to spend the night, which, not to put a too-fine point on it, is craaazy. It's just not done, old sport. But it was and is and that's the way things'll go today. Rachel has said she'll taken 'em in and so that's how it'll be played. My role? Make sure they get up in time so they'll have maximum primping opportunity. First impressions are lasting impressions, you know. Then I'm to stand back and let it happen.

Well, okay, I will. I'll just be over here sifting through these memories of all those other first days of school. They won't remember them, not for a while, not until they have kids of their own, but I'll have them available whenever they should ask. And won't that be a fine time?

Good luck this year, Emily. And thanks, Rachel, for pitching in. You guys handle it from here. I know you can.

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  1. It's shocking how quickly it all goes, isn't it?

    The hand-holding walk into the kindergarten room seems like it happened a few months ago, and now it's the start of the last year of high school. The next big daughter hand (or arm) holding event for a dad is usually the one that involves walking down an aisle in a church.

    Good luck to Rachel and Emily, and to your family, for many more years of walking hand in hand.