Tuesday, August 31, 2010

iPod Shuffle: Random?

I've put my iPhone's iPod on shuffle play for my bought music list and I'm finally learning that this mode, like the universe, isn't entirely random. Every morning when I fire up the iPod, I keep coming across music I heard just the other day. Yeah, yeah, I know, there's an algorithm at work that takes the number of my previous plays and factors them in some how with the current ones and when all the ciphering's done, a tune is spit out. It's supposed to please me, I suppose, but instead it leaves me scratching my head: I just want to work my way through the list in a random way. Why is that seemingly not possible?

I've long suspected there's an intelligence at work behind the scenes of my iPod. This is only more evidence that it's so.


  1. You ask for randomness but instead get order. Is this a sign of intelligence or not? Confusing!

  2. Hi, Mike, thanks for the concern. A minor, and uninteresting, disruption. Returning to things now.

  3. Hi, Jason. If I ask for order and get randomness, is this evidence of an uncaring iPod? And if my iPod is uncaring, does that imply a caring iPod as well? Or does the iPod simply have a larger plan of which I'm unaware but which will be revealed to me in time? Or is all my speculation just hooey and the iPod is only a gussied up MP3 player?