Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still More Beer!

So here's my latest homebrew: an India Pale Ale, brewed from this kit:


I was looking for something a little hoppier than I've done in the past and this fits the bill. Not as pale as I expected, but good and hoppy like I wanted. Despite the picture - I'd poured and it was a few minutes before I got a good enough picture - it has a good enough head though it looks kinda weak here, doesn't it? No matter. It tastes good. The Coopers kits work well for me so until I find something better, I'll stick with those; all-grain brewing is just beyond the time and expense I want to put into this little hobby and the taste payoff is lost on my unsophisticated tongue.

Like with the wine-making, I've now got plenty around here to keep me going, so I won't be brewing anything else for a while. Plenty of time, then, to contemplate what I want to brew up next.

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