Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Alice in Wonderland - Movie Review

We caught the 2D version of Alice in Wonderland - no, we're no Luddites; we just find the 3D effect to be more of a distraction than an enhancement to the movie experience. And come on, admit it, there are some stretches there that are placed in the movie solely to take advantage of the 3D and serve neither the plot nor character development. I'm sure it's just plain fun to watch but get on with the thing already.

This imaginative take is certainly pleasing to the eye but underneath the weird and spectacular effects is a tired plot - yes, yes, only Alice can slay the dragon with only this sword at this particular time. But why Alice? Just because she's been here before? Because she has a plucky independent streak? It's never quite clear. I guess it's best to just go along with things but the plot feels pinned on as if it's an excuse to get Alice from one place to the next. I would have been perfectly happy just to watch director Tim Burton work his visual magic but I guess you need a little more than snappy effects to keep an audience. Still, an audience deserves more than a tired plot.

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