Saturday, March 20, 2010

Peggy Noonan From Behind the Wall

I don't know the reason, or even if it's permanent, but for Friday at least, the Wall Street Journal has brought out Peggy Noonan's column from behind the wall and made it available for non-subscribers. Just in time, too:
Excuse me, but it is embarrassing—really, embarrassing to our country—that the president of the United States has again put off a state visit to Australia and Indonesia because he's having trouble passing a piece of domestic legislation he's been promising for a year will be passed next week. What an air of chaos this signals to the world. And to do this to Australia of all countries, a nation that has always had America's back and been America's friend.

How bush league, how undisciplined, how kid's stuff.

You could see the startled looks on the faces of reporters as Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who had the grace to look embarrassed, made the announcement on Thursday afternoon. The president "regrets the delay"—the trip is rescheduled for June—but "passage of the health insurance reform is of paramount importance." Indonesia must be glad to know it's not.

(I'm glad the WSJ has wised up and brought Noonan back to us non-subscribers. Let's see if the trend continues. I think a site that has advertisers and lots of page views is making a mistake charging for access.)

As of today, the passage of Obamacare is no sure thing. I don't think Obama himself has been very helpful to his cause.

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