Friday, March 12, 2010

IRS Warns Oklahoma Residents of Tax Refund Scam

I already tweeted about this so you have my permission to not click the link and see my powerful quote in this story. Oh, heck, why click through and scroll down? Here's the money quote right here:
The IRS impersonation e-mail is a half-step up in sophistication from the common e-mails purportedly from an old Nigerian dictator who has chosen to bequeath the reader with his millions, said Peter Terranova, a certified public accountant based in Oklahoma City.

Some of Terranova’s clients have received the fake IRS refund e-mail. One client clicked on it and landed on a page that looks just like an IRS page, he said.

"It was utterly convincing,” he said. "These guys are that good.”

Brilliant. Incisive. Brief. You were expecting something else?

It talked to this reporter a few weeks ago and had almost forgotten about it. News stories come and go and I'd thought this one had came and went but it popped up over the last weekend. Glad to lend a small, but unforgettable, hand.

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