Monday, March 8, 2010

Acadamy Awards Results

I didn't watch - The Amazing Race was on! - so all I know is what I read about it today. Sounds like it went about right. I'm glad The Hurt Locker won over Avatar but I would have chosen Up as the best movie I saw last year. Jeff Bridges won so I was right about that. The rest? Meh. Still, overall, it was a pretty good year for movies. Where there ten that could be nominated as Best Picture? Not all of those that were. But looking back over my reviews, I've had quite an enjoyable time at the movies. That's pretty good.

My impression, though, is that this Academy Awards show went well so I'm sorry I missed it for that reason. If I'm going to complain about the show, it seems only fair that I should watch it when it's good, or if not good at least not bad.

Well, it's done with. We can go back to our lives and forget about all it and try to remember who won next year.

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