Monday, March 22, 2010

The Blind Side - Movie Review

Why wait for The Blind Side to come out on video when it's still playing at theaters and it's just about the only thing worth seeing right now? So we did.

Smart move, too. Oh, you know the movie's story by now so no point in me re-capping it. I'll just note here that Sandra Bullock's Academy Award was well-deserved in a movie that turns out to be quite subversive by Hollywood's standards. Did they know they were making a pro-Christian, pro-gun movie? How'd that slip through? And why did I find myself on the verge of tears throughout much of it? I can't explain other than to say the movie did what it set out to do - tell a compelling story about interesting characters in a way that didn't draw attention to itself which is all that a movie should do. (A positive storyline is helpful, too.) This movie did all of that and did it well.

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