Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Panel urges Core to Shore Changes

Remember all those big dreams we had when MAPS3 passed? Great things were a'comin'. And soon.

Okay, maybe not so soon. Fifteen years you thought? Try fifty:
An Urban Land Institute panel reviewing Oklahoma City’s Core to Shore plan warned Friday the project will take 50 years, and not 15 years as anticipated, and advised a proposed boulevard will not be a successful retail corridor.

The panel also concluded Core to Shore office development is unlikely any time soon and a new convention center should be built south of Bricktown, and not across from a planned central park.

Wow, that's a downer. But hardly a surprise. I think it's a wise thing to look at these kinds of projects just like you would if you were renovating your home. Figure out what the time and cost will be and then double it. Why would anyone think a government sponsored project would be executed on time and on budget?

I think the battle is only beginning. When this is finally finished, few of us will be around to witness the results. Results which will look entirely unlike anything that was planned.

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