Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home Base for The Flaming Lips Leader and His Wife

Let's dial up the coolness factor for OKC just a notch. Dig this about the cool, cool home of the Flaming Lips' lead singer, Wayne Coyne, and his wife:
Some call it “Wayne Manor.” Others know it as “the Coyne Compound” or simply “that house where that guy from The Flaming Lips lives.” Regardless, Wayne Coyne and his wife, J. Michelle Martin-Coyne, just call it home. The Coynes have lived in their Central Oklahoma City house for nearly two decades. In that time, it has served as their residence, a crash pad for Coyne’s Flaming Lips bandmates and friends, a place to rest and relax after months on the road, a de facto movie set, a rehearsal space and, most recently, an innovative architectural project.

The online article is woefully lacking in photographs - pick up a paper copy of OKC Biz for some really good pictures of the Coynes' house - but I managed to glom onto this:

That's their house in the background. I don't think the mirrored balls are really part of the landscaping but I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

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