Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Hurt Locker - Movie Review

We didn't catch The Hurt Locker during its run at the theatres so we picked it up, finally, at Red Box and it didn't disappoint. Suspenseful, sure, but mercilessly so with fine performances by the leads. (And look for some cameos by some familiar faces.) Neither anti- or pro- Iraq war, it's a story instead of people dealing with unrelenting pressure and with one another in situations they'll never find themselves back in civilian life. The sets appear authentic and the minor details ring true and they all serve well the main story of these brave men carrying out their duties. A little too much of the shaky-cam at times, Director Bigelow otherwise runs the show with a solid hand. She's already won the Director's Guild Award for this effort; don't be surprised if she takes Best Director in the upcoming Oscar season.

Here's the awesome Stephen Hunter with the best discussion of the movie that I've read. Click on through and then don't deny yourself the pleasure of the finely crafted movie.

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