Friday, January 8, 2010

The Young Victoria - Movie Review

Like period movies about British royalty with lots of eye candy? We do! So we say The Young Victoria and it has all of that good stuff. Though we never tire of these kinds of movies, you have to admit they're all pretty much the same - whatever the royal of the title has to work his or her way through whatever troubles they're going through. (Hey, I think I just described the plot to every movie ever made!) But this one is different in that Victoria and Albert get married because they genuinely love one another and remain happily so. Not much conflict there but it's refreshing.

(An interesting scene: there's the tradition of the prime minister meeting with the Queen; he must keeping his front to her at all times and so exiting a room where she's present makes for a comical backing out routine. It continues through today as we've seen in The Queen, another great British royalty movie.)

Another good one.

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