Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Ice Storm Pictures

Just some quick shots I took when I stepped out yesterday to start digging out. Though it looks like calling this thing an ice storm may be a misnomer - it looks like we got plenty of snow. We did, it's just that under all of it, is up to an inch of ice. No spectacular damage like this time last year in Arkansas so we're lucky. (Click on over to see what damage can really look like. Then stay around for a great blog. Ice storm damage link helpfully provided by Bruce, who has a wonderful blog as well.) Here are my pictures from last year, which will give you a link to my ice storm pictures from two years ago.

The snow piled high on our trash cans gives you an idea of how much we got. Roughly half the amount of last month's blizzard:

Icicles sparkle in the morning light:

The snow before I tromped through it to get to the back yard and shovel a way out for the dogs:

Rachel's car before the big dig. Can you dig it? I did. Dug it out, I mean.

Nope, nothing like it had been, nothing like it could've been. We're blessed, indeed.

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