Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rachel's Birthday

It was Rachel's choice for her birthday dinner so it was her idea to go to The Melting Pot in Bricktown. Hey, great idea!

You know what would've been a better idea? If Dad had remembered to bring the camera. Kee-riminy. Doofuses come no bigger than Rachel's Dad. Ah, but I had my iPhone's camera didn't I? A sure guarantee of dim, grainy pictures to commemorate this event. Let's take a look:

Hey, not too bad. Rachel looks quite pleased to be here. Good. We were, too:

Emily always finds time to throw some gang signs. Represent, yo!

Rachel studies the menu; she must choose wisely:

Emily looks on and offers her sage advice:

Turns out the table they gave us wasn't the one we had reserved. No prob. We moved over to our assigned spot and picked up from there. Emily had been perfectly happy where she was, thank you very much:

Rachel's pleased with the new location:

Fondue forks at the ready:

The cheese course arrives and it's all a blur of hands after that:

I swear I saw sparks flying as our forks clashed with one another. Positively medieval:

Time to think about the next course:

Some of us think a little more deeply than others. Will I get enough to eat? Will I?

Yes, yes I think I will get enough to eat. But I can't be absolutely sure, can I?

Oooo. The meat course. The girls had the Pacific Rim; they were a'hankerin' for the duck. Their cooking style? The chicken brothy stuff:

The meat arrives and it's another blur of hands and sparking forks:

Yes, I believe Emily's getting her share but Rachel's ready for some chocolate:

No, not chocolate, not yet. Clara and I had the Coq a Vin style. Looks a little thick in the aftermath but tasty:

An existential play: When will the chocolate come? When? No one knows but life's absurd while you wait:

Ahhhh. Chocolate at last. Rachel's moved to tears.

Nom nom nom.

So, a splendid time was had by all. A memorable choice for a memorable birthday. Though I think we all agreed, next time we'll move from the cheese course directly to the chocolate. Why waste time with salad and meat and all? Life's too short!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of Rachel's birthday celebration, Peter.

    You are a very lucky guy to have two daughters.

    And Happy Birthday Rachel. May you have many, many more.