Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hemingway's True At First Light - The Fifth Allotment

A lot of self-indulgent talk about literature and Africa and other stuff. Then Mary gets dysentery and has to go into Nairobi for treatment and leaves the stage for a while. Hemingway kills a leopard that's gone rogue and killing the natives' cattle. There's a very good section about the eagles Hemingway sees that triggers a memory of a hunt in the American Rockies that's ranks right up there with the best of Hemingway. But most of this is, once again, Hemingway casting about, getting a feel for his material. He did this much better in The Green Hills of Africa, likely because he edited and shaped his material himself.

Without much going on, and with much repetition, and little forward movement, it was all I could do to get through this chunk of 50 pages. It looks like I'm not going to make that mad dash to the finish like I'd thought. Still, the end is in sight so I don't have much longer to put up with this.

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