Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sherlock Holmes - Movie Review

I've never read a Sherlock Holmes story but from the moment I saw the previews of Sherlock Holmes, the new movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law in the leads, I was on board. A fun re-imagining of the detective as a martial arts wielding action hero, the movie takes the steadfast character and re-invents him just for him but keeps the things that made the character so popular. Yes, he's still the keen observer, able to find and put together clues that others miss but this time there are 'splosions. Lots of 'splosions. Can't go wrong with that.

The interaction between the leads is light and affable and, while the digital effects of Avatar are all the rage, Victorian England comes to digital life in this movie no less impressively. (Okay, I haven't seen Avatar so I don't know how they compare but I was impressed with the level of detail in this movie. I was convinced that everything I was seeing was real and that's all that has to be accomplished, right?) Rachel McAdams fills her role well enough; there has to be some kind of dame in all of this male-bonding and she's a dame so, well, there you go. The bad guy is sufficiently bad and the mystery a good enough head-scratcher until all is explained at the end. Oh, and of course, a set up for a sequel in case a sequel is called for. I imagine it will be.

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