Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

So the ice storm came and stayed around awhile like an unexpected, and unwelcome, guest over the holidays. You kept looking at your watch, wondering when it would leave, and buddy, it ain't going nowhere.

Everyone stayed home on Friday. Clara could work from home; so could I and we did. The girls, like kids on all snow days everywhere, parked it in front of the TVs and the dogs wandered throughout the house, whining occasionally to be let out and then barking to be let right back in. Cold out there, boss. And snow. Did you know about the snow? The day like that, one long smear, punctuated with looks out of various windows to see how bad things were and if it had ended yet.

A good marker? The length of icicles on Miss Betty's house next door. They started out as nothing but just kept getting longer and longer and longer:
The holly tree tips over. I'll tie it back again when the weather clears but it's just not built to take an ice load.

The hummingbird feeder is a hopeful leftover from summer. You can see the sleet and snow stacking up in the in the bird bath. Not too bad. Not just yet.

The maple in the front yard, glazed in ice. Not a soul stirring on the street or in Miss Ronda's house across the street. Nothing to do but watch.

Our own icicles are growing. The gutters are dammed up with ice and we'll have to watch inside when it melts to see if we don't get some leaks. Probably not; it's rarely happened in the past.

Snow dog! I tweeted this picture. Pepper likes the snow more than Lucky but they'll both come in covered with snow dingleberries. when they're done romping for a place to take care of business.

The snow fell heavier throughout the afternoon but finally stopped around 6:00 or so. I'd say we got about 6 inches. A good amount over an inch or so of ice so we got it good. But not nearly as bad as we've had it before. So we're grateful for that.

Nothing to do now but dig out.


  1. Pretty pictures! Thanks for sharing. Glad we got more fluffy stuff than ice this month. It was the perfect type for making ice cream! :)