Saturday, January 2, 2010

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

A lot of bloggers are doing year-end roundups of their blogs - a sort of Greatest Hits of the Year kind of thing, something I'm loathe to do myself, fortunately for you - and of the ones I've been enjoying, Wil Wheaton's has been the one I've enjoyed most. (Here's my post where I first turned you on to him.)

A big reason why I'm enjoying his year-end roundup may be because his blog is new to me this year so it's a good way to catch up. But what's struck me most about his year end posts - and what attracted me to his blog in the first place and keeps me coming back - is that Wheaton is clearly a man who is entirely comfortable in his own skin. A self-proclaimed nerd and proud of it, he's also a devoted a father, actor, and writer, and he pursues all of these roles with a positive gusto that's refreshing. He loves those around him and his fans and he knows how truly blessed he is and he's not shy about celebrating it. A lesson I find myself, dismayingly, too often needing to learn.

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