Friday, January 1, 2010

For All You Do, This Stout's For You

I've been remiss in blogging about my homebrewing exploits - My last post about it was here - so lets get caught up.

I tried my own recipe for a red ale after tasting a very good one at BJ's. Didn't work out. I don't have the technique down to brew from grains so my skills restrict me to purely using extracts. It came out tasting kind of muddy - a whole bunch of malty flavors adding up to nothing. A tried a red ale kit and I'm working my way through the last of that. A little better but I've come to the conclusion my tastebuds just aren't that sophisticated. Might as well stick to the kits.

Next up for a cold, dark winter? An Irish stout. I'm using this kit from Coopers. It's been just about two weeks in the bottle so I cracked open the first one the other evening:

The heads not quite holding up just yet so I'll give it another few days before trying another one. The taste is good though - deep, rich, chocolatey. Just the way you want a stout to taste. And just the thing to help get you through a winter's night. Or day.

(For my online pal, Michael Hasenstab, come on by, buddy. I'll pour one for ya'.)


  1. Pete: Do you know of Kölsch? I thought that there were "dunkel" varieties of this but I may be confusing it with Dunkles Alt which was a very dark and hearty ale brewed in Northern Germany.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the link. Sounds delish. Can't find an easy homebrew recipe so I'll have to buy some to see what it's like. I haven't found a dunkle variety of Kolsch so you may be right about the Dunkle Alt. I'm somewhat familiar with that - close to a Spaten Optimator, I think. If so, an incredible beer.

    Hey, you can drop by, too, and I'll poor ya' a stout or a red ale. You choose.