Monday, June 9, 2008

June 9th, 2008 - Breakfast at Saratoga Springs

First full day at the resort. Clara, Emily, and I had breakfast at the resorts quick service restaurant, The Artist's Palette; Rachel slept in.

I don't know what style, if any, the decor is, but it's bright and cheerful. The lamps from the ceiling are a shot of color to start the day.

Emily's reward for getting up and coming with us to breakfast? A picture of her own on my Blackberry:

We decided to take it easy today, after the long drive and the long day yesterday. We chose to spend the day by the pool and it was a relaxing time. The weather stayed fine and we were slathered with sun screen and the damage we did to ourselves was minimal.

The resort has a bus running to Downtown Disney (I know, I know, all the resorts have buses running to Downtown Disney. All the resorts have buses running everywhere; that's another thing that Disney has down pat. Sure, the cost is included in your resort booking but it's nice to be able to wait no longer than 20 minutes and hop on a bus and leave the driving to someone else and be dropped off right at the front of wherever you're going.) so that's where we chose to spend the late afternoon and evening.

While we waited for the bus, we had a chance to pose and get some of the resort architecture in the background:

(I'm sans glasses because of the day spent poolside; I opted for contacts for the day.)

At Downtown Disney, we ate at Earl of Sandwich (The restaurant has no page of its own so you'll have to scroll down) which served, well, sandwiches. Hot and tasty and a place we hadn't tried before. Then we strolled through the shops:

In case you miss an opportunity at the parks to make your Disney purchases. The pictures don't do justice to the wonder of the place. They can't.

We made it to the end of Pleasure Island, then caught the boat back to the resort, a slow leisurely ride back in the fading light. Back to the room where we settled in for the night, ready to get going for the next day.

Enough of this taking it easy. We need to go go go! We're on vacation!

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