Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16th, 2008 - Grandpop Pete and Nana's - 2nd Day

You don't have to look far for exotic wildlife in Florida. Exotic to us, anyway. Just take a wander out to the driveway and you'll see a white, bird thingy taking a casual stroll to somewhere:

Or go around back to the lake and catch a glimpse of an iguana. See it?

Look closer. There!

I tried to get even closer but he scurried off before I could.

These are just two of the animals we've seen on just this visit alone. Before, we've seen snakes, turtles, wild parakeets, assorted lizards, not to mention the fish we've caught in the lake. You used to hear alligators calling at night in the wetlands across the lake though Dad says you don't hear them much anymore. (Could be he doesn't get out at night like he used to, too.) You'll see a lot of Florida just looking out your back door.

An nice and easy day just enjoying the company.

Emily gave Nana some tips on Solitaire:

Dad and I got caught up on whatever we needed to get caught up on while Clara grabbed a quick glass of water:

The big event of the day was taking Grandpop Pete and Nana out for lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe at Sawgrass Mills. Great tine and great eats but no pictures. Sorry.

We got back to the house and Clara and I went back out to a nearby mall for a while. Back to the house to spend some more time together before we had to start gathering things together for starting the journey home tomorrow.

Another nice day, though. It's so good to be around the ones you love.

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