Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vacation Blogging

A primary reason I started this blog was to chronicle our upcoming vacation to Florida. Rachel will be in Europe next year and after that, who knows what family vacations we'll have in the future? (Though I guess that's a good question to ask before you do anything; who knows what tomorrow will bring so you need to make plans for today.)

We enjoy our road trips and we so thoroughly enjoyed our trip last year that we're doing the very near the same thing this year: south to Florida, where we'll spend a week at Disney doing the Land/Sea Disney Cruise thing, then further south to Grandpop Pete and Nana's for the girls to log some grandparent time, then back to Disney to finish out our ticket, then back to home. Two weeks we'll be gone.

I'll post the details here and include as many pictures as I can. I'm carrying my Blackberry so I'll be able to post "live" but I'll go back and edit and change and add things so if you stop by and things seemed to have changed, well, that's because it has.

Off we go, then. Tomorrow, June 6th is the departure date.

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