Friday, June 20, 2008

June 20th, 2008 - Departure

Well, we knew this day was coming, didn't we, when we started on this journey two weeks ago? All good things, etc. etc. Doesn't make it any easier but, hey we can't come back if we never leave, right? (I know, I know, we've sworn we weren't coming back. Not any time soon, that is. At least, not next year. Unless. . .)

As promised, we took a few shots of the resort right after breakfast and before we pulled out for good.

Whoops. Need to let the camera acclimate to the morning's mugginess. Yeah, we keep things kinda frigid there in the room.

Just about ready to go. One final shot of inside the room. Fairly ordinary but there Disney touches abound to make it special.

Looking back up the trail to the building our room was in. You get the very same feel of being at a Caribbean resort as you did staying at Saratoga Springs.

Clara thought these were lovely, and they are. A nice parting shot.

Say goodbye! Our room number and Emily, poised for departure.

So long, Disney and Grandpop Pete and Nana! We had a great time but we gotta get back on the road and head on home.

On to I-4, over to the Turnpike and north to I-75, then I-10 and west. A new route for us and we didn't realize how far we had to go to get through the Florida panhandle. In case anyone should ask, it's almost exactly 700 miles from Grandpop Pete's driveway to Pensacola. If we'd traveled that far from Oklahoma City, we could've been in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana - those states just flew by, after Florida. We had a room booked in Baton Rouge and we made it without any problems. It helped to gain another hour entering back into Central Standard Time.

Exhausted, hungry, grateful to have made it. We'll sleep well tonight and then get up early for the final push tomorrow.

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