Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 14th, 2008 - Castaway Cay

Today: Castaway Cay. (Hey, not bad on the alliteration front.) Nothing planned other than paddling around in the water and exploring the island. Lunch will be the highlight - something about eating outdoors just makes it better and we remember last year's offering as being extra yummy. Hope it'll be the same today.

When we awoke, we were already here:

Looks like it'll be a beautiful day. We made sure we were slathered well with sunscreen because last year we were a little lax and Clara and Rachel really paid the price.

Yep, just about postcard perfect:

Here's Emily wrangling her float:

Aaaand. . . that's about it for pictures at Castaway Cay. What the - ? Well, we kept the camera with our stuff all day and we just didn't get around to pulling it out and taking some pictures. You'll have to trust me: we had a fine time.

Disney doesn't waste any time getting back to sea. We re-boarded, showered, changed for dinner and Castaway Cay was already somewhere back on the horizon.

I'm always astonished, and pleased, at how blue the ocean is far from shore. You really can't get a sense of it, can you?

There's always time for bingo. This time we treated Emily to the electronic card:

She still didn't win. Oh, well. We had a good time, anyway. The bingo caller was very funny and really made the difference.

On to dinner. Animator's Palate tonight:

The room starts out in black and white and gradually turns to color as the courses progress:

No pictures of what I ate this time. Another fine meal, though.

Chronicles of Narnia was showing about 15 minutes earlier so back to the room to change and back to the theatre to give it another try. No good. Only made it a little later before the day caught up to us and we were nodding off. We had to get back to the room to make sure we were packed and ready to go anyway.

So, our little cruise comes to an end. We could stand another day or two but it's better to end wanting more than wanting less, I suppose. Still, it might be nice in the future to try something a little longer with more stops.

A wonderful time. And we're not done yet. Tomorrow: Grandpop Pete and Nana's! The adventure continues!

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