Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15th, 2008 - Grandpop Pete and Nana's - 1st Day

Disney has it down to an art so that when we docked, we were hustled through breakfast and then down to the dis-embarkment line swiftly and without hassle. No pictures because no one was really in the mood - grumpiness abounded to be at the end of this leg of the journey. We got through customs - the officer turned out to be from Oklahoma and, as with all Okies, he was quite friendly and helped ease us back into the every day world of Florida.

Our porter got us to the car, which seemed in fine working order, I tipped him after he helped us load, and we were off. Over to I-95, and then south for about 3 hours to Ft Lauderdale. I missed the turnoff for I-595 so we had to double back and catch it the other way. On the overpass, we caught sight of a car crash - emergency vehicles were just arriving - and we gawked like everyone else. But coming from the opposite lanes of 595, someone else was gawking and lost control of their truck. We saw it roll over at least three times before coming to a stop. I'm not sure if anyone was harmed - it looked like it was entirely survivable - but the emergency vehicles would have another accident to clean up soon.

Thank goodness we were fine and we went our way to Grandpop Pete and Nana's without further incident.

Grandpop Pete was there to greet us when we arrived. Yay! Nana was out at church and was dropping by some place to bring us something for lunch. Great to see Grandpop Pete - he's had quite a year with his arrythmia and knee replacement surgery, and he was getting along pretty well. The girls were thrilled to see him and he was glad to see them, too.

Nana arrived with lunch from Doughboy's - pasta, ravioli, salad, garlic rolls - not as good as Grandpop Pete's but it'd do. Emily declared it the best evah! But first a huge welcome from Nana and hugs all around. Great to see her, too; she's holding up well looking after Grandpop Pete and she'd missed her granddaughters. The girls have missed them, too.

We ate, visited, took it easy:

No big plans. Just some family time, a time to get caught up and recharge our batteries and tell tales of the places we'd been and things we've seen and -

Oh. Sorry:

Shhhh. He needs his rest. Let's let him sleep awhile and we'll pick up things tomorrow.

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