Saturday, February 7, 2009

1,000th Visitor

Whoops! I overlooked this milestone from a few days ago: I had my 1000th visitor. A belated welcome to whoever you were, visiting all the way from Burnaby, British Columbia on February 2nd, 2009 at 12:03 PM. Here's what brought you by, which is on my mirror site over at Wordpress. (Check that one out and let me know if you prefer that site over this one on Blogger.) You didn't stay long and only looked at one page but I hope you liked what you saw. Come back, anytime.

And thanks to all my other visitors out there, too. I hope you've been finding something to keep you coming back.


  1. I like this site a little better than the one on wordpress. :) The layout is nicer, I believe.

  2. I started out with blogger so setting up a blog on wordpress seemed. . . different. Oh, sure, I can do everything over there that I can do here - post links, quotes, pictures, video - but it seemed cumbersome. Plus, the free version of wordpress didn't allow for much, if any, template customizing. I'm loathe to give it up though - there might be something I overlooked - so on occasion I'll export these posts over there.

    Thanks for the input, Tammi. Great to hear from you.