Monday, February 2, 2009

Rachel's OYO Rehearsal

I'm at the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University waiting on Rachel while she rehearses with the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra. A nice artsy vibe going on, with all the music students - both instrumental and vocal - coming and going to their rehearsals. They're all so serious! And talented! They're practically incandescent with talent.

The link takes you to the the School's webpage, of course. Here's a look at the outside of the building:

(It only looks like the video will play though I guess I could've embedded it if I'd wanted. But that's not what I wanted: all I want is a picture of the outside and that's the best I can do, without getting up from my seat.)

Here's what it looks like, live, as it were, from the inside, and from where I'm sitting:


I'm not allowed into the rehearsal hall, of course. That would be too lame. I can wait, though. Their concert's in a few weeks and it's bound to be great. It always is. Especially the flutes.

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