Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Emily Joins The Junior Honor Society

The induction ceremony was postponed from last week because of the ice storm so that meant rather than getting to use the luxurious digs of the Moore-Norman Vo Tech Pennsylvania Avenue Campus we had to crowd into the gym at Brink Junior High. Fortunately we got there early - Clara, Rachel, me, Grandma and Grandpa - because it was SRO before long.

Emily tried to pooh-pooh the whole thing off, saying it was no big deal, that there was only she and 150 others who were joining:

She was wrong: there were 165.

I handled the video chores and since we're using a Sony and Sony's program is proprietary, I can't upload anything. (That and the fact I, um, lost the disc with the software that might've allowed for converting the Sony video to an uploadable form.) Clara handled the still camera and managed to squeeze off a shot of Emily headed towards her seat:

The speeches began and everyone listened like the good citizens they are. I used my Blackberry to get Emily hanging on every word:

See? Emily's about fifth in from the far end, second to the last row, near the balloons. No? Let me try to zoom in closer:

Ah. There. Between the zoom and some Picasa photo-shopping, I did a not bad job, ya think?

Finally, finally, they called Emily's name, and she got her certificate and signed in and it was official. Clara accidentally switched the still camera to video - I have no problem uploading video from the still camera, if that makes sense - so we have a 2 second clip of Emily returning to her seat:

Afterwards, there was time for mingling and cake and punch. Emily posed for an official photograph:

Bustin' proud? You bet. Emily's the only one of Grandma and Grandpa's grandchildren to make it in. She worked hard for the honor and I'm glad to see it paid off. I think she was, too.


  1. Congrats to Emily!!!! Well done! And, yes, it is a big deal! :P

  2. Thanks, Tams. Pretty big to-do around these parts.