Friday, February 6, 2009

Daschle's Tax Problem

The matter's now resolved with Daschle taking himself out of the nomination but the question remains: How did he realize he had a tax problem. Byron York takes a look:
Skeptics have suggested that Daschle recognized the problem in June 2008 because it was in that month that Barack Obama claimed the Democratic nomination. At that point, Daschle, a big Obama supporter, knew it was at least possible that he might get a big job in an Obama administration; therefore, he knew he had to get his financial affairs in order. On the other hand, there’s been the suggestion from some sympathetic to Daschle that he might have come to the realization after a casual conversation with some unnamed person, perhaps at a party.

Now, members of the Senate Finance Committee have had a chance to pose the question to Daschle himself. And the answer is: He doesn’t know.

The most surprising fact about the whole affair? Daschle had been audited by the IRS and they'd overlooked the matter entirely. That fault's not necessarily that of the IRS. You can be sure if the matter had come up, they would have assessed the additional tax then and there. So either Daschle willfully mislead the IRS or he's guilty by the sin of omission.

Either way, somehow the Republic will get along without his services.

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