Wednesday, August 19, 2009

District 9 - Movie Review

District 9 is a not-bad sci-fi entry that turned out to be more splatterific than I bargained for but it had it's moments. I liked the premise of what to do with aliens who turn out to be not dangerous but more a nuisance but then the political allegories started and, well, ho-hum. Sure, there was apartheid but that's so 1982. I don't think the movie's makers are as bold as they'd like to think. The second half turns into a standard shoot 'em up, with the bad guys suitably bad - hey, are they big business? Racist - er, alienist? Of course! - and they meet their end as they deserve. The FX are top notch and it's hard to believe that most of what you're seeing exists solely inside a computer. The lead actor - no, I can't be bother to look him up - carries his load very well, moving from a naive, somewhat goofy government bureaucrat to a desperate man, trying to hold on to his humanity.

Better than Transformers but it deserves more praise than that.

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