Monday, August 17, 2009

More On The Whole Foods Boycott

Ann Althouse joins the fray over the Whole Foods boycott:
What delusion! I'll bet the liberals and progressives keep going to Whole Foods, which is about a high-quality selection of goods sold in a pleasant, slightly posh environment. I don't think people are going there to make a political statement, and I don't think people will boycott it to make a political statement — or at least not to make a statement about their support for health care reform, which, you may note, people are not fired up about. People are fired up against the legislation, and Whole Foods may gain some new customers, but we longtime Whole Foods shoppers go there for personal benefit and indulgence (which may include a smidgen of feeling good about greenness and "fair trade").

(Althouse's post is really about The Moderate Voice's less than moderate voice when writing about the Whole Foods boycott so click on over and read the whole thing.)

I haven't come across anything so far about this boycott's affect on Whole Foods but it's probably too early to tell. But if we had one here in Oklahoma City and I wasn't already shopping there, I'd start. (I didn't blog about it but we visited the Whole Foods in Orlando and had a great time there. Came away with a delicious take-home Cuban meal we ate in our hotel room.)

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