Saturday, August 15, 2009

School Days

The report from the front lines of the first day of school: things went fine.

Well, after the trouble Emily stirred up, things went fine. The cute skirt she took such care in finding, pestering Mom to buy, laying out the night before, carefully adjusting, and matching with leggings turned out to be too short for the nay-sayers at her school. Look, I'm all for a reasonable dress code and if Emily's skirt was too short for the rules - hey, she was wearing leggings for crying out loud, showing no more leg than the other kids wearing Daisy Dukes or slashed jeans - then it shouldn't be allowed. My gripe was this was the first day of school. Use some judgement. Kindly notify her of her violation and request she not do it again. Believe me, Emily's a rule follower, not a rule breaker, though I have to admit I think she may have enjoyed playing the rebel for a bit. Halfway to work ,we got the call that she needed some jeans so we turned back around, stopped by home, stopped by school and gave 'em to her. Then her day could commence.

We're two days into now, in full compliance with the rules. Things remain. . . fine, or so that's the report we're getting. I'm sure things'll stay that way.

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