Monday, August 31, 2009

Free Fall - Book Review

"Free Fall" is just the latest in my obsession to read all the Robert Crais that I can. One of his earlier works, not yet up the standards of what he'd later be capable of but still a good detective yarn with the backdrop of Los Angeles in the early 90s. Amazing what has passed since then - no one has a cell phone yet so there's a lot of stopping off at pay phone to make a call. Didn't know how the invention of the cell phone could both help and hurt a writer. The plot is inspired by the Rodney King incident - remember that? - and then takes a few twists and turns, with lots of fist fights and shout outs and other macho posturings. Crais' bad guys are getting a little predictable though: did you know that there are corrupt cops out there? Yep. Surprising, I know.

There are a couple more early Crais' books I'd need to read to be complete but I'm moving on to some more recent stuff. I'm having to rely on what's available at the library, which is an entire post to itself. To summarize that potential post: other people's books. Yeesh.

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