Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walking The Dogs - 2009 Edition

The weather's turned off simply wonderful so we've managed to take the dogs for a walk at the park. (It's like this only without Emily. Emily can't be torn from her technology. Sorry, dogs.) They've yet to get used to their leashes - they still tug mightily almost the entire session but gradually remember that if they give themselves a little slack, they'll enjoy things more.

They're still not too keen on other dogs - size doesn't matter, they'll growl and yap at everything from a Dachshund to a Doberman. Good thing we keep a tight hold on their leash, huh? But a nice couple came strolling by with their pit bull, its alpha-ness rolling off in waves, and our dogs suddenly had to look the other way in silence. After he'd passed, they went back to their exuberant selves, their shame apparently forgotten but, man, pit bulls. They still don't want to talk about it.

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