Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Still early and no plans have been set in stone for the rest of the day but we've got a vague intention to get up and out and do something different than we normally do on a long weekend. Then again, we may do nothing at all. Don't we do enough during the week? Shouldn't we honor labor by taking a break from our own? We'll see. It's good to have so many choices. All we have to do is choose.

Yesterday we had Mac and Helen over for grilled burgers and fixin's and then just some good ol' fashioned sitting-around-and-jawing-time with them and the girls. The days where we can do this kind of thing are numbered so it's a pleasure to have them while we do. The weather was warm - high up near 90 and with no breeze, making it feel hotter than it was but nowhere near the blast-furnace temperatures it could've been. Made for an enjoyable day.

So we have the summer in our rearview mirror now. It's been a good one, likely the last of its kind now that Rachel's a senior in high school. Did we do all we set out to do? Not hardly but we did do a few things and that's good enough. Time to move on into Fall and the pleasures that'll hold.

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