Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Driving With The Roof Open

Had to take Rachel's car in for some routine maintenance - you know, oil change, tire rotation, and then a few more things - and it wasn't ready to be picked up until Monday evening. It just so happens Rachel needed an item or two of clothing so that meant a brief shopping trip for her and Clara and that meant I'd get the task of picking up Rachel's car and driving it home.

Good deal. Rachel's car has a moon roof but she says she never uses it. Something about mussed hair. Well, I have no problem with mussed hair so I cranked the roof open and hit the backroad home from Norman.

A fine Autumn early evening, too. I had my cell camera so that meant pictures.

Nothing but blue skies through the moon roof:

And the occasional set of power lines and telephone pole and part of a sign:

Since it was no big thing to stick the cell phone outside - whoops, almost lost it there in the rushing wind - to shoot the scene that way rather than through the bug-spattered windshield, that's what I did.

The bucolic countryside:

Looks like I'm not the only one enjoying their drive:

Yep, you're in Sooner country:

I got more than a few looks from people wondering what it was I was doing with my hand stuck outside the car's roof. Having a pretty good time, I'd tell 'em, if they asked.

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