Monday, September 14, 2009

The Beatles (Re) Issues

This one of those good news/bad news things:
Get ready to meet the Beatles again.

. . . Apple Corps. and EMI will jointly roll out the long-awaited remastered editions of the Beatles studio albums on CD with Digipak sleeves as well as two box sets of the albums, one in stereo and one in mono. The same date will see Harmonix’s release of the “Beatles: Rock Band” game. What’s missing is the availability of the Beatles recordings for digital downloading. A statement from Apple said discussions about this “are continuing,” but rumors are flying that the other Apple may have something in the works, since it announced its annual iPod meeting will also happen Wednesday.

For a band that broke up almost 40 years ago, the Beatles sure have a lot happening.

Good news for Beatles fans like me because there can't be enough Beatles stuff out there. Bad news for Beatles fan like me because there's too much Beatles stuff out there. How can we keep up?

Really, though, it's about time. Though I'm no audiophile, on my iPod, I can tell the difference between the re-mastered CDs from the 80s that I've loaded and the latest Beatles CD, 1, and The Yellow Submarine re-master from not that long ago. There's quite a bit of difference.

Will I update my collection? I'm not sure. I'm quite happy with what I've got though I'd hate to miss out on such an historical occasion. And based on their track record, it's not likely they'll re-issue these things again anytime soon. Might be a good idea to grab 'em while I can.

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