Monday, September 28, 2009

The Forgotten Man - Book Review

The latest in the Robert Crais series. This time, the decedent claims to be Elvis Cole's long lost father. Detecting ensues. Not as thrilling as his prior work but it's not intended to be. Instead, it's more of a backgrounder of his main series character with enough twists and surprises to keep the pages turning. The finale seemed a little thinly written - things moved too swiftly, as if Crais were running out of steam and he saw the finish line ahead and he made a sprint for it. Otherwise, nicely done, with a good twist in the whodunnit category of the genre.

(Funny what a difference a nearly a year makes. Here's my first attempt on the book. Going through a dry spell, reading-wise, back then.)

That's the last of these, I think, for while. I haven't touched his earliest Cole stuff and may not since they take place so long ago and aren't written anything like Crais is doing now. It'd all be back fill if I did. No, I have another of his which is non-series that I'll report on in due time but once that's done it'll be time to move on to something else. What that'll be, I don't know just yet.

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