Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Fair - 2009

We finally made it to the Fair this past Saturday and none too soon, too. We'd planned on the prior Saturday but rain kept us home. (I know, what would the Fair be without a little rain?) Emily's posse plans required us to start late so we didn't get out until the late afternoon. The late start and the beautiful weather meant jammed packed crowds and we had a little trouble parking. But we got there, got through the lines, and set the girls off on their own. Here they are, making plans:

Colorful, no? That's Emily on the far right.

Rachel tagged along with us. We'd thought those days were behind us but we had this one last year. Who knows what she'll want to do next time. We did the usual things and saw the usual sights. Something new for us this year: a 30 minute live Wild West styled show, featuring trained horses and cattle and rope tricks and Indian songs and dances. Very nice and an appreciative crowd in attendance. As usual, it's hard to tell which is more amusing, the exhibits or the people. Ate a corn dog and an Indian Taco. How better to spend a Saturday night?

I didn't take very many pictures this year. (Here's last year's post with more pictures.) But you can't go on the midway and not be wowed by the lights and think about all those other years you've been out here, can you? No, you can't:

And then the late night trudge to the car passing a surprising number of people who were just now arriving. Everyone happy and full of stories of what they saw and what they did. Another Fair visit for the memory books.

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