Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of the iPod Shuffle Project

I've reached the end of my little listen-to-all-of-my-iTunes-in-alphabetical-order project. (Here's the beginning. You'll find an explanation of why I set out to do what I did.) As I predicted, the last song was anything but a spine-tingling surprise: The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper by Mannheim Steamroller. I know. Kind of a marshmallowy ending. Hey, don't get me wrong, I like Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas albums and that's why I bought this one but the New Age-y stuff sounds a little quaint now. Though they do have a Disney-themed album out. Hmmm.

Yep, the last batch of songs after the y's were songs with titles that began with a number. (The last song that actually began with a letter was Zaar by Peter Gabriel. So, yes, I did have at least one song that began with the letter Z. How many do you have?) Doesn't seem quite right but how else do I think iTunes should list them?

Okay, I made it through 2,046 songs over a span of seven months. Not a lot, I know, and an inordinate amount of time to do it. Hey, I don't get to listen to my iPod as much as I'd like and there was a nearly 3 week dry spell there back in late June and early July when we were on vacation, so cut me some slack. What'd I learn? My Playlist is like a time capsule. I can just about remember each time, and why, I purchased or obtained a copy of the music I have and those memories are pleasant ones. And while I have a lot of clunkers, I have a lot more music that's just a flat out pleasure to listen to. Much joy to be had from a little shiny black box. We're truly living in an age of miracle and wonder.

Time to move on, though. Unshackled by this project, I'm free to return to my other playlists or just set the controls for shuffle and let it play. It's up to me.

Hmmm. You don't think there's a life lesson to be had in this, do you?


I'm just listening to music.

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