Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tony Dorsett Pulls a Kanye

I'm not a huge follower of sports - I know, big surprise - but this caught my eye. Tony Dorsett rags on Tony Romo:
I don't know why on God's earth Tony Romo has been anointed a superstar in the National Football League. Tony is very young in his career. Not to say you can't be young in your career and be a superstar because you've got one up there in Minnesota in Adrian Peterson.

"But the thing is this: You have a guy who hasn't done much, and quarterbacks in the NFL, most of them go through this growing curve. He hasn't gone through that growing curve, but he was anointed this great player all of a sudden. Now he's having to live up to that. And obviously Tony has some deficiencies.

"He's a good player who's still learning how to play in the NFL, and I think the media has given him too much credit for doing nothing. He hasn't done anything really in the NFL to deserve all the recognition and visibility he's gotten so far.

Since I don't know much about Romo or Peterson, I have to rely on the writer of the piece to tell me that Peterson is a lot like Romo. The difference? Romo had a bad game. Peterson didn't. So that makes it worth Dorsett's time to lay into Romo.

Like the Kanye West incident, Dorsett uses his status and comes across as oafish about another player who, for whatever reason, isn't his favorite.

Poor form, old sport. It's just just not done.

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