Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain and Traffic

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of my own. Yesterday it was raining yet again on the drive to work and Clara and I couldn't carpool since she was working late and, hey, look, I've got a camera on my Blackberry, don't I? I'd call that opportunity, wouldn't you? Let's see what I got. I've hit all of these shots with a light touch of photo-editing so they appear a little lighter than the actual dreary day was.

First stop, a stop light. Looking for a watery, glistening effect of multi-colored lights in the rain. Not getting it:

Ah, here's something a little closer to what I'm looking for. The ol' rain-on-the-windshield-and- brake-lights-flaring shot. You get the idea it's wet out there, don't you?

Moving along perfectly fine then all heck breaks loose. Or comes to a screeching halt. Yes, it's raining, so we must bring out cars to a complete halt. Traffic begins to backup:

Uh, oh. It's not getting any better. Might be more than just someone who can't handle water falling from the sky. You know, the same person who can't drive when a few flakes of snow dust the street. Looks like there's flashing lights ahead.

Red tail lights as far as you can see:

And headlights behind me as far as you can see:

It turns out, a semi-truck had tipped over and had blocked both sides of the highway. My later in the day comings and goings would trap me two more times in this mess which didn't clear up until about 2:00 in the afternoon. Nothing in the newspaper to tell me more about or to give you a link but I hope no one was hurt. The inconvenience of being late to work and to appointments pales, of course, to something like that.

Anyway, it was raining yesterday. Still cloudy this morning but breezy so maybe we've seen the end of this. Then again, the State Fair began yesterday so this could be with us for quite a while.

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