Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rockin' The Hard Rock Cafe

We've got a Hard Rock Cafe in Oklahoma:
Just sticking the name “Hard Rock” on the former Cherokee Casino Resort could raise revenue 25 percent.
“And that’s not from me,” said Randy Kwasneiwski, chief executive of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino of Las Vegas. “That comes from third-party analysis.”

David Stewart just smiles when asked about such expectations for the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa, not offering any projections.

It would seem easy to hold such optimism on a grand-opening day like Monday, with people crowded shoulder to shoulder throughout the grand entrance, many of them women on their tiptoes straining to catch a glimpse of country music star Toby Keith.
But with the uncertainty of this economy, Stewart appeared determined to not get sucked up into the hype – which makes for an interesting twist, since he’s CEO of Cherokee Nation Entertainment, the firm that first sought to bring Hard Rock to Cherokee Catoosa Resort four years ago.

As I've tweeted before, the commercials for the resort are full of driving guitars and hot chicks. Promises, promises. But I think it's a smart touch having Oklahoma's own Toby Keith run the restaraunt portion of the resort. You can't get that in any other Hard Rock in the world.

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