Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween fell on a Friday this year, the weather was warm, Daylight Savings Time was still in effect, so it all added up to a later-than-usual evening for us. That was okay: Clara had laid in the candy supplies and we could weather quite a trick-or-treater storm before things got desperate.

Rachel had her parties to go to so that part of the evening remains a mystery. This may be Emily's last year to go out; she and her friend, Jillian, decided to go together.

Emily went as the Queen of Hearts:

Another pose, with dog:

Jillian was some sort of goth fairy:

Jillian's mother and Jillian's toddler brother went with them and they covered quite a bit of ground. They stopped by our house twice and by the second time they were quite exhausted; they gratefully took Clara up on her offer to drive them home so I did.

They came in waves. The first bunch were the young ones from the 'hood. We no longer recognize any of them but there were a few we did. A new generation has taken over and that's good. Next came what Lileks has dubbed the carpetbaggers: trucked in swarms from some other neighborhood, older and only out for the candy. Not unusual but funny just the same.

We closed it down around 10:00. Rachel rolled back in around 11:30. No pranks. No mishaps. Another Halloween for the record books.

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