Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rachel's CODA Audition

On Saturday, Rachel had her annual audition for CODA. Which meant it was also our annual tradition of going to the CODA audition and then going to Starbuck's and Petsmart afterward.

With all of her Color Guard activity these last few months, Rachel had little time to practice hard. She steals a few moments of practice here:

(I'm sitting down the hall to give her her space, man.)

They were nearly two hours behind in on their audition times. Finally, they called her in:

But she didn't make it. Dang. Well, Rachel hasn't made it these last few years she's been auditioning so it's nothing new. She still has OYO and she points out she prefers orchestra over band anyway. A positive spin on the outcome? I dunno. But she didn't seem too bothered by it so neither was I.

Off we went to Starbuck's. Pumpkin spice lattes for both of us and a blueberry muffin for Rachel and blueberry coffee cake for me. The difference? Rachel's was a muffin-shaped, mine was cake-shaped. See?

No Petsmart this year - we've got Pepper and Lucky now and the reason why we'd visited before was to look over the rescue puppies. Instead, Rachel opted for a trip to the library. She'd never been to the new downtown library so that's where we went. She spent some time browsing the science and history shelves while I checked out they mysteries. We both came away with a couple of nice stacks that should keep us busy for a while.

A great day. I'm glad Rachel allowed me to be a part of it.

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