Saturday, November 15, 2008

NASA Restores Historic Photos of Moon From Space

The technology that stored these photos had grown outdated and we very nearly lost them:
Mankind's first up-close photos of the lunar landscape have been rescued from four decades of dusty storage, and they've been restored to such a high quality that they rival anything taken by modern cameras.

NASA and some private space business leaders spent a quarter million dollars rescuing the historic photos from early NASA lunar robotic probes and restoring them in an abandoned McDonald's.

The first refurbished image was released Thursday — a classic of the moon with Earth rising in the background.

Will that be the fate of all of these digital pictures we take today? Sometimes, paper is better than digital; we concern ourselves with that at my tax practice since we store much of our documentation electronically. What will happen to that stuff when the technology to read it becomes outdated?

Oh, you remember the picture, don't you?


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