Friday, November 7, 2008

Tom Coburn Tells Conservatives How We Should Live in an Obama World

The unmistakable mandate from the 2008 elections is one that applies to both parties in equal measure--it's time to define a "new kind of politics" not just with our words but with our actions. If anything, a "new kind of politics" means elected officials putting aside their careerist aspirations in pursuit of solutions that work.

Coburn has a reputation for being a straight-shooter so it's good for Conservatives to listen to him.
However, contrary to the visions of some on the left, the election was hardly the end of conservatism. The president-elect did not seek an ideological mandate, nor did he receive one. This election was unquestionably a change election, but unlike in 1994, the mandate for change was not organized under any particular ideological banner like the Contract With America.

Coburn's not conceding anything and neither should the Republican party. But as loyal Americans, we Conservatives should give President Obama the respect his office deserves and do what we can, without compromising our beliefs, to see that he succeeds. We owe it to the country.

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