Monday, November 17, 2008

Quantum of Solace - Movie Review

We'd tried to catch a Friday night showing of Quantum of Solace but a combination of opening night and a long dry spell of "guy" movies mad that an impossibility. We managed to catch a late afternoon showing on Saturday and we weren't disappointed. Er, at least, I wasn't. Clara's not the fan I am so liked it slightly less - the blurry, too-close edits of the chase and fight scenes left her a little queasy and she didn't like the theme song. I'm with her on the blurry quick cut editing but I liked the theme song well enough.

Daniel Craig's doing a good job making the character his own and the producers have made the right decision to go off on a grittier, more realistic tone to the series. So many of them have been made now, it's about time the franchise was shaken, not stirred, and I think this second installment is a worth followup to the first.

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