Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Places to Launch a Small Business 2009? Oklahoma City!

Ah, here's the link I was looking for yesterday:
Stable and affordable, Oklahoma City is a haven for entrepreneurial risk takers. It boasts the second lowest foreclosure rate among large U.S. metro areas, along with the second lowest median rent. Through the Great Recession this former Dust Bowl capital has been spared many hardships, with a diverse local economy spread across medical research, energy, education and government.

Oklahoma City also benefits from a high concentration of deep-pocketed local investors, many of them veterans of the oil and gas industry, who are willing to take a gamble on companies that might spend 10 years bringing a new product to fruition. And the city itself has been a powerful friend to life-science startups, funding the 1996 construction of the Presbyterian Health Foundation Research Park. The complex -- 700,000 square feet of space in seven buildings on a 27-acre site -- has attracted an influx of innovative biomedical firms.

So come on, start your business here! But first, find a good CPA to consult with. Like I said yesterday, I happen to know a pretty good firm. Ask me.

(A side note: I first saw this story on print on Monday and blogged about it yesterday, a post which found it's way to my Twitter feed. I looked for a link online to the story but it wasn't available until yesterday afternoon and only then did I hear about it on Twitter. Now I'm blogging about it again and this post, too, will find its way to Twitter. Though it started out in old media, and I see this morning the old media outlets are just now picking up the story, it's old news now thanks to the new media.)

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